Monday, May 14, 2012

REVIEW: How I Quit Crack - Untitled CDR

8.75 out of 10

Another Witch House/Drag artist I stumbled across a while back and have been meaning to talk about.. How I Quit Crack is a part of the Witch House clique that seems to be shrouded by a bit of mystery and (maybe) misery. Phantasma Disques (remove yourself from under that boulder, you've heard of this label by now RIGHT?), the home (usually) of HIQC, is notorious for releasing some of thee darkest Electronic music out there and releasing it all on limited run CDRs, DVDs, newspapers, etc (seriously, there's a lot of swag here). All of it under one persons supervision of course (which is why the art is so similar on these releases--which I love btw). Some of it I like, some of it I LOVE, How I Quit Crack is probably my favorite artist from said label. Her (Tina's) music is very slow and debilitating, somewhat introspective and definitely dark. Take a moment and introduce yourself to Tina's art if you haven't done so by now..

Let it unfold, let it unfold, ..have patience, let this dark piece of art so elegantly titled "Untitled CDR",  creep it's way into your heart. Droney vocal manipulations, dark/eerie synths, monotonous drum machines, and a bit of disparity make for a most excellent album, I'm pretty sure this is part of HIQC's motto. 'Untitled CDR' is pretty much a perfect example of what I am looking for when I say I like "Modern Dark Sounds". There's something very unique about HIQC's style that I just can't put my finger on. It's so simple, but its entirely complex and intensely layered at the same time. Her cover of Chris Isaak's classic is "Wicked Game", is (in this writer's opinion) maybe even better than the original, a rare feat, but I thoroughly believe it.

This is such a dark-downer, why wouldn't you like it? Recommendedx▲.

Standout Tracks:Wantingyou, Collapse, Godblessthechild, Thatboy (my second favorite track, sounds like something John Balance would write♥)

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