Monday, May 21, 2012

REVIEW: Soul Glimpse - Recollections Become Phantoms

8 out of 10

"Ambient" & "Shoegaze" two words you hear a lot around these parts, as you know/have been told; I love atmospheric music. It doesn't matter how it's created and/or motivated, but when you mix it with another genre I love're guaranteed a spot in my ear heart. Artists like Auburn Lull, Grouper, Robin Guthrie, Ulrich Schnauss, Lovesliescrushing, etc. (you know I could go on and on with this list) always seem to calm me down and put me in the proper "nirvana-esque" mindset (the state I prefer to remain in). Something about lush guitar effects melding, swirling and floating around icy synths and barely audible vocals seems to work for me (and I really don't see this changing). For that, I have to tell somebody something; (Thank You) Austyn, Thanks for reaching out and blessing my ears with your talent. Thank you for the kind of sound you represent and choose to keep alive and well. I owe you one. ~(at least one of your)#1 fans.

If you read the paragraph above, which seriously why wouldn't you? I mean who goes on to the second paragraph without even finishing the first that's just::ahem::: You should almost know what to expect from Soul Glimpse's (technically) 3 "disc" album "Recollections Become Phantoms". That's right, although packaged as one solid album which is does flow quite nicely together, it was originally intended to be consumed in 3-parts (see; the title "(1.)Recollections (2.)Become (3.)Phantoms"). Yes, the overall mood is a little depressing and bleak/drenching with misunderstood emotional baggage etc., but more than just another reason to stare at your shoes "Recollections.." is a refreshing burst of accomplishment in getting over said speed bumps. It's about dealing with your emotions instead of running. The music is mostly created by guitar pedals (lots of them probably--I think), keyboard/synths (gorgeously layered I might add), a drum machine (maybe live, kind of hard to tell) and (sorry have  to do it) "soulful" vocals that accompany the music perfectly. All of that is really "mushed together" to make this sort of thick "white noise" that is both surreal and very transcendental. A true "headphoner" if you will. Really, just look at the bands above, Ambient music is different for every other listener, but this is one for all of us. I don't know, "lush" is your thing right? Why else would you keep coming back to EIC;]? Oh! PS There's A LOT more where this came from..

Recommended for anyone who's ever needed to unwind.

Standout Tracks: All. UUhhgh so hard to pick! A Reverie You Became The Phantom (as "epic" as lush can be), A Waltz To Remember (I appreciate the bass line in this one for some reason), To Reveal The Secrets In Our Bones (the last .20 seconds..), Enduring (I could do a lot more of that with this song), Desolation Melody (so beautifully noisy)

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