Tuesday, May 29, 2012

REVIEW: Sean McCann - Sincere World

7.75 out of 10

"Suburbia at dusk" dawns the cover of Sean McCann's "Sincere World". I like to picture Mr. McCann scaling the mountain from which this picture came from while playing on some sort of mobile/outdoor analog-synth set-up (those exist right?).. I'm not sure if it's the atmosphere that influences the sound, or the sound that influences the atmosphere..

From what I can tell it sounds like every other track on this release has a different recording process. Some of it is "white noise"/field samples of some sort stretched and corroded over humming synths, some of it is experimental guitar fx with distant angelic harmonies swimming through it all. 'Sincere World' is very "washed over" sounding, reminiscent of a few Eno pieces, "natural", and most importantly I like it.

Like I keep saying Ambient music is so personal and relevant/irrelevant to every other listener. I can understand how this one may not "hit" you at first, but I promise, once properly absorbed, you will like what you're hearing. At least check it out once, I recommend it anyways.

Standout Tracks:I've Seen Your Face Before (reminds me of Kevin Shields if he was remixed by Leyland Kirby..yep, it's good), Over The Stars There Is Rest, Devotion (nice end cap)

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