Monday, May 7, 2012

EIC's 10Q's w/ Mi & L'au

" pleasant Minimal Wave from the 80's meets Dream-Folk Pop as seen through frosted melancholic divinity.." 

Mi & L'au
Forlorn Affinity

Mi & L'au Bio:
Mira and Laurent - a model from Finland and soundtrack musicians from France austere minimal music made with voice and acoustic guitars and other very sparse orchestration Mi and L'au met in Paris a few years back Mi is Finnish and was working as a model for make ends meet and L'au (like French) worked in the music industry (soundtracks) They fell deeply and immediately in love and after a short time going from apartment to apartment in Paris, they gave everything up and decided to move in a little cabin in the woods in Finland so that they could be alone together in peace and spend their time discovering each other and their music They released their debut album Seftigen in October 2005 on Young God Records


Hello, how are you?
Hi there ! We're very well, thank you for asking…

 What are you currently listening to?
 Right now, we are listening to Richard Devine, The Kills, Peter Doherty, Nine Inch Nails, Christian Fennesz, Grinderman, Thelonious Monk, Chopin, Sufjan Stevens, The Books, Tim Hecker, Joy Division, David Lynch, Boards Of Canada, Serge Gainsbourg, Mirel Wagner, and many others…

The new album seems to be a little more electronic than the previous releases, what sparked this change?
It's not just " a little bit more electronic ". There was no electronic music in our previous works, whereas "If Beauty Is A Crime" was all made ONLY with a computer. We wanted to know what we could do with a computer, stuck in a box, eyes glued to the screen, flirting with this way of living we now call Transparency.

What do you mean by "If Beauty Is A Crime"?
It's a probe, it's a pole, and it's a drill..

Will you be touring for said release?
We are going to France at the end of February and will tour this spring, mostly in Europe.

Got any upcoming/new collabs we should know about?

I've been thinking about this lately, any reason you're no longer with M. Gira's label?
You shouldn't think too much about that , it will only lead you to gossip-land, and you certainly don't want that, do you?

 What movie would work best on mute with your music as it's soundtrack?
We played MAGIC 80 the other night - by mistake - on the top of "Night Fishing", a Park Chan Wook movie and it worked pretty well (the scene where the fisherman meet the siren).. But you know, we'd rather collaborate hand in hand with a film maker and compose music specifically for his/her movie. It doesn´t really make sense to us to add music on images, just like that ! It lacks of a certain creative process…

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
This reminds us of A Clockwork Orange when they force this poor guy to listen to Beethoven Number 9 while watching images of Hitler's parade ( laughs ) You see, we are lucky, we have a little machine in our head, it is called MEMORY. We have kept thousand of albums in here, just in case…

Are you living your dream?, we're living our lives

 Thanx Olivier/M & L!

Mi & L'au are currently touring here and there in Europe, hopefully soon (again/one day) the US...

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