Monday, April 9, 2012

REVIEW: Windy & Carl - We Will Always Be

7.25 out of 10

I wish I could say I've been following Windy & Carl since they first came about (20+ years ago I think!), but the truth is I really didn't fall into them until 2001's 'Consciousness'. I loved that album, it was very "Kranky-esque" (<-that's not vague is it?), which at that point I was (pretty much) only listening to Kranky music, so it was perfect. And then (some years later) came 'Songs For The Broken Hearted', which in my opinion is one of the most blissful Kranky releases ever, as well as Windy & Carl's "opus", perhaps ..maybe? Since that release I am in-debt to this bands future (and past) sounds. I will strive to find it all and absorb it with the utmost attention.

First off it has to be said (again), I really am obsessed with 'Songs For The Broken Hearted' and honestly every W & C release from now on will be compared to it. On 'We Will Always Be' W & C went with a different recording approach. Carl pre-wrote all the music on his own and gave it to Windy on Valentines day as a gift, he then asked to her to add whatever she felt is needed. She, however, felt like it was  perfect as is but (being the musical/angelic prodigy that she is) decided to "give it a go" anyways. The end result is a very passionate and cozy look into the the duo's lives. An intimate vision of sound and love. All the comforts you would expect from a Windy & Carl original. There are a few tracks that sound a little more acoustic and lo-fi and there are some that are just dripping in warm droney ambiance. They both complement each other nicely. Actually at some points I completely miss the transition between tracks (they bleed into each other so seamlessly). Windy & Carl know how to deliver beauty and 'We Will Always Be' is no exception to that rule.

Typical Kranky, always rendering me into a tranquil state craving more.. Recommended (honestly.. you probably already own this don't you?)

Standout Tracks: Remember, Spires (something about that loud sub/bass sound towards the second half), Looking Glass, Nature Of Memory

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