Monday, April 30, 2012

REVIEW: Christina Vantzou - Nº1 Remixes

7.5 out of 10

Christina Vantzou first came across my radar (and probably yours too) with the 2004 Kranky release 'The Dead Texan', which was a project with her and Adam Wiltzie (Stars Of The Lid/A Winged Victory For The Sullen). To this day I still think "Glen's Goo" is one of the best Kranky songs of all time. Needless to say I will be in this/these artists debt(s) for as long as they record/I live. After Dead Texan Christina went on tour (as a traveling member) with Sparkling Horse (whom I miss:() and began writing material for her debut release 'Nº1'.

This is the remix companion to 'Nº1', Christina asked some artists (Loscil, Dustin O'Halloran, White Rainbow name a few) if they were interested in remixing her work. Some said yes, some said no. The first 10 (and best probable) choices were picked. Judging by the artists on here, I'd say Christina hangs out with a pretty interesting/awesome crew. The original intention of Ms. Vantzou's work was minimal/basic beauty generated from a synthesizer (or something close to it in nature). That same "theme"/overall tone is still present on 'Nº1 Remixes', only as seen or heard rather through other perspectives. I will say that the original songs felt "almost darker" than this release, the remixes are a little more "light and airy" I suppose. But I think that the choices for the remixes were chosen well, they all "pay homage" to Christina's sound quite perfectly. Slow moving synths, drones, white noises, etc. meets Neo Classical Ambiance mixed with a few vocals (which I found surprising and inviting) + a few minimal structures built on top (I don't want to say "beats"), and just that "nice-niceness" that you'd come to expect from anyone related to the Kranky family. You know how it goes, new Kranky = happier EIC.

Nuthin' here but gorgeous stuff, hear to lull you. Recommended.

Standout Tracks: And Instantly Take Affect (Loscil Remix), Prelude For Juan (Montgomery Knott Remix), Small Choir (Ben Vida Remix), 1111 (Dustin O'Halloran Remix), Steady Beamin (White Rainbow Remix) <-LOVE THIS SONG., Homemade Mountains (ISAN Remix), The Adversary Of Evil Budd (Bonus Track From The Dead Texan) <-!

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