Monday, January 6, 2014

REVIEW: Leila Abdul-Rauf - Cold And Cloud

8.5 out of 10
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Another artist I can say I know nothing of (but have full intentions of learning more about).. Leila Abdul-Rauf has actually been making music for quite sometime now. I'm thinking the main reason I missed the wagon is because most of her previous/still current projects were Metal related (which is usually just not up my alley..sorry Metal bros). This release, however, came to me via email, a random chance encounter with a nice gentleman who shares lots of interesting Experimental sounds with me..

'Cold And Cloud' is Leila Abdul-Rauf's debut solo release. I wanted to dive into a world of sound I wasn't all too familiar with and ended up right back at home with Ambient music I strive for during the grey days. Leila's sound is somewhat reminiscent of Grouper meets Loveliescrushing only slightly more dramatic and vast-atmospheric (kind of like early 4AD maybe Kranky). Heavenly vocals are layered underneath saturated reverb, menacing drones, white noise, faint brass sounds, beautiful piano chords, and a few other "hard to label" tones. All of the proper elements needed for a bit of a downer release, but at the same time something that makes you feel warm & cozy between the headphones. Drone music is so personal, it really is hard for me to really say I love "too many" Drone artists (I obviously do love some), but I really do love what I hear on Leila's debut and I can't wait to see where she takes it from here.

Highly Recommended [dROne]MANTIC sounds here.®

Standout Tracks: In This Dream, Despair From Words Unsaid, Will I Be Sane?, June 14, Ibis, Questions

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