Monday, January 20, 2014

EIC's 10Q's w/ Yöri

"..amongst the silence..something magical would happen.."

Trip Hop's Orphic Eulogy

Yöri Bio:
Yöri is an electronic musician from Kópavogur, Iceland. With no greater beauty, no greater purity first martyr in war for the new reality..

Hello, how are you?
I'm great! Feeling very fluffy as a matter of fact and I'm about to go ice skating.

What are you currently listening to?
Beyonce, as usual.

What or whom inspired you the most when you began writing music? Did you have a specific sound/genre in-mind that you wanted to tackle?
Nature has always inspired me the most. The most natural way I can make music visual for me was to compare it to elements in nature. Sound is pretty abstract and sometimes hard to explain it and talk about it, unless you compare it to something visual that everyone knows. Like comparing arpeggios to lighting bolts, choruses to viruses, etc.

Care to shed some light on your latest release; theme, favorite track(s), etc?
The theme is to stare into the abyss and have it stare back at you. It's a very personal record. I had so many songs inside me and the only way to get them out was to put myself in extremely dangeorus, vulnerable positions. So I fell in love but I couldn't help it. And that brought out a very sensitive and emotional side in me which I think comes through in the record. Ocean shifting, continent moving passion. It's about relfecting on your past and starting over. Letting go of what's gone very gracefully and moving on. The album is just one flavour, just me, here, now.

Do you plan on doing any national touring for said release?
No but I am going to start playing live soon!

Got any other projects we should know about?
Not yet but I'm working on my live set! I knew that this release would be directly what I'm about, and it's very hard to start from complete scratch with not tradition as to what you're doing. Although there were some pioneers who were trying to look at the landscape of their country and try to change what they saw and what they felt into audio, to try and translate it. And to find that voice is very challenging, it's almost like you have to invent your own roots. And that's what I'm still working on, creating my own roots.

What movie would work best on mute while listening to you music?

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
Mariah Carey's 'Daydream'

Are you living your dream?
I dream more while I'm awake.

Thanx Yöri!

Yöri is too "under-the-radar" if you ask me, let's change that..spread the word.

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