Monday, June 17, 2013

REVIEW: Phaseone - If I Tell U

8.25 out of 10

A few years ago Phaseone released one of THE best mixtapes of all time. 'White Collar Crime (FREE!)' isn't "just another mixtape" though, Phaseone takes a pre-made track (quite good selections if I do say so myself..(M83;) and morphs it into something completely "different" yet equally as charming and possibly more seductive & astonishing. I like Phaseone's work a lot so far.. Since then he's done a few remixes here and there, all of them pretty great, as well as preparing for his debut release via Adult Swim Records (aka Williams Street); 'If I Tell U'. I WILL tell U, this album is absolutely crucial for happier & healthier ears.

When thinking of comparisons for Phaseone; Cocteau Twins (whom are coincidentally a major influence on this release) meshed with Modern Electronic Hip Hop meets Jene Michel Jarre (fans of M83 will certainly appreciate a lot of the atmospheres of this release as well) with maybe a dash of Boards Of Canada and/or Port-Royal thrown into the mix as well. On 'If I Tell U' synths are constantly swelling, "arpeggiating" (that's a word right?), and sustaining an atmosphere of glacial space travel bliss. Bass lines and beats are extremely smooth/seductive, possibly preferred for when you're in a more chill mood, but overall extremely appropriate and well placed/conducted. If you got bass, blast it. There are also some really great vocals on a few tracks as well, that sort of have this washed out lo-fi bleak monochromatic tone (soothing). Here's another one of those "something for everyone" albums..

Highly "although that may be unnecessary to even say after you read the first sentence in paragraph two" Recommended.

Standout Tracks: Hunter (on l∞p), Tangiers (als on l∞p), Hexagon Kingdom (h yeah, this ∞ne t), Arsenal Magnolia, Dialogue, Phase One

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