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EIC's 10Q's w/ Baths

"..infinite amount of emotions and sounds that blossom and evolve upon multiple listens.."
Playful-Perceptive Symphonic Individuality

Baths Bio:
  For mercurial L.A. music-maker Will Wiesenfeld, Baths has been a long time coming. The 21-year-old has spent the better part of his days living amidst "pleasant" and "unremarkable" in the suburbs of the San Fernando Valley, so perhaps it's due to a general lack of local inspiration that Wiesenfeld's own work has never fit into a prefab box of its own. Over the last six years, under the handle of [Post-Foetus], Wiesenfeld has gainfully explored the intersections and outer reaches of both electronic and acoustic music. With Baths, his eclecticism finds its greatest focus yet, in a hail of lush melodies, ghostly choirs, playful instrumentation and stuttering beats.  Wiesenfeld's trip began at age 4, when he willed his parents into enrolling him in piano lessons. (The family upright, purchased that same year, sits in his bedroom today.) By 13, he'd begun artisting his own music using Digital Performer and a MIDI keyboard - a brief, ill-advised foray into Eurobeat that was set right when Wiesenfeld heard Bjork for the first time. Mind blown, he quickly boned up on viola, contrabass, and guitar and took the name [Post-Foetus], stringing together countless live configurations to execute his increasingly inimitable compositions. [Post-Foetus]' fourth album - a Dntel-ish, song-based melange dubbed The Fabric - was released on Mu-Nest in January.  Though Baths represents the next evolution in Wiesenfeld's oeuvre - which also includes the excellent ambient project Geotic - it came together under nigh-opposite circumstances. Last September, [Post-Foetus] was invited by L.A. electronicist Daedelus to share a bill with a handful of local Beat Music luminaries. Witnessing a burgeoning movement firsthand sparked something in Wiesenfeld that the 'burbs never could. In a fit of inspiration, Baths was born, though not into a preexisting scene. As is to be expected, this music goes its own way: fueled by spontaneity, tempered by Wiesenfeld's background in classic songwriting. Those two influences collide in glorious ways on Cerulean, Baths' stunning debut.

(interview conducted in-person, some paraphrasing will occur)
How are you doing, hows the tour going so far?
Will: Pretty good, no hiccups really... Well, in Utah a show got cancelled at the last moment (in support of The Postal Service) for some reason. We showed up to the venue and found out then.. A little bummed out too, I was excited for Morgan to play at this venue:( Stranded in Utah for a day I guess.
Speaking of the tour, how did the idea of Morgan (Azeda Booth) joining the live set come up AND (this part's for Morgan) can you please tell us what's up with Azeda Booth (where have you been/what are you doing)?
Will: I was/am obsessed with Azeda Booth. I'm friends with Katie (Braids), Braids is friends with Azeda Booth..
Morgan: Katie referred him to me. I didn't like it. ::with a smile on his face:: I'm competitive by nature, as well as a little cynical. But I trust Katie's judgement and before you knew it this odd but fun/friendly relationship evolved between us. As for Azeda Booth ::pauses:: "frozen", but maybe one day. We live in completely different parts of the world now though..

What are you listening to these days?
Both: Lots and lots of Helios.
Whats with the band name, what do you mean by "Baths"?
Will: I like taking baths, don't you? I don't know, I guess I just always liked the sound of it, like "washing yourself clean.."
Care to tell me a little bit about the new album; main theme, favorite track, etc.?
Will: I can't pick a favorite track, it's like saying I like one part of the album more than the rest. They're all equal in my mind. The album is mainly about Death, Apathy, Suicide..dark things I suppose. Writing dark is really hard for me too, I'm always in a good mood by nature. I'm not like that at all..
Morgan: The lyrics for this album are woven in dark tones, which I love.
Will there be a  "False B-Sides" for 'Obsidian'?
Will: No "False B-Sides" unfortunately, maybe an EP though.. There's still some tracks floating around from the 'Obsidian' sessions that just didn't quite fit with the rest of the album, but still great tracks.
I heard you had E. Coli, what was that like and was it ever something your doctor said you may die from?
 Will: E. Coli could've been life threatening, but we caught it "in time". Actually I kept going to multiple doctors trying to figure out why I felt the way I did, none of them could figure it out..until finally, "you've got E. Coli." I could barely eat, let alone get out of bead, it put me in a really bad state, which is of course how I was able to make 'Obsidian'..

What movie would work best on mute while listening to your music?
Will: Princess Mononoke, or anything visual like that, but really, Princess Mononoke.
Morgan: I've never seen that movie.
Both Will & I: You MUST see it.
You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
Will: ::pauses/contemplating:: Something ambient, I suppose, I don't know..
 Morgan: Azeda Booth, maybe Baths I don't know. ::smiling:: I might use the Baths discs for shooting targets..

Are you living your dream?
Will: I guess. I worked really hard to be where I am, and I feel really fortunate to be here.. Although if I lived on the beach where buff dudes served me fruit all day long I wouldn't complain either.
Morgan: Dreams are weird, life is real.
Thanx Will, Morgan, and Marc!

Baths is currently on tour right now, you'd be a fool to miss out on this sonic bliss in-person.. Also, make sure you check out Baths latest release 'Obsidian' ASAP (it's one of 2013's best).

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