Monday, October 10, 2011

REVIEW: My Brightest Diamond - All Things Will Unwind

7.75 out of 10

I first became aware of Ms. Worden's voice/astonishing talent(s) from 2006's "Bring Me The Workhorse", I LOVEd it. Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) had in-fact released a couple albums before that though, under a different pseudo name (I'm just now becoming aware of this), she's a part of Clogs, and she's also a member of Sufjan Steven's live ensemble..(probably why she's on his label I suppose..). From the very first note that her voice hit that was sent through my (extremely) privileged ears I knew she was going to be something big ..she's almost there I swear (so close I can feel it). And now, with her latest album "All Things Will Unwind" I have never been more sure of something, her voice is perfection. Flawless. Something every ear should crave.

"All Things Will Unwind" is slightly different from her previous releases..only slightly though. By different I mean the strings seem to be pluckier, the mood seems to be lighter, and the general tone is all around a little more "playful". I'm sure a lot of Fiona Apple and/or Regina Spektor comparisons will be made (if they haven't already), but I think Sharon Worden is more classically trained. She has an unequivalent ear for "Heavenly meets Experimental" aural nirvana. I guess her sound could be best described as Classical Folk meets modern Neo-Electronic Bliss, I wouldn't say the sound is unique to her only, but I do feel that way whenever I listen to MBD. Every song seems to bend said genres in a new angle every time. All and All "All Things.." is AL-Lot of bang for your hard earned ALL-owance. (yep I said it:)

Love this woman's harmonious demeanor. Listen to everything she has to say, listen to me (please?) when I say; HIGHLY Recommended. Also.. "Dream collaboration Idea#1!: Sharon Worden meets Owen Pallett", am I right or what?

Standout Tracks: We Added It Up, Reaching Through To The Other Side, She Does Not Brave The War (yum), Everything Is In Line (hmm, the guest vocals sound familiar..), I Have Never Loved Someone (perfect ender)

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