Monday, March 12, 2012

REVIEW: Ʌ - Patriot Hills

8.75 out of 10

If you blinked you probably missed out, for about 24hrs, maybe less (maybe more, I can't remember), Tundra Dubs had this EP for the "low-low fee" of Name Your Own Price (my favorite). Even if you did miss this golden opportunity I would still recommend you fork over the $1 and get it anyways. Ʌ has quite an impressive resume, he's been pretty prolific since he first sprouted onto the web. A handful of EPs, LPs, singles, compilations, soundtrack work, video installations, etc, there really is a lot out there. It's kind of hard to tell you exactly where to start.. that is, until 'Patriot Hills' came out. Ʌ's personal best offering thus far (in my opinion) and quite possibly Tundra's as well (close anyways).

Most people tend to lump Ʌ in with the Witch House/Drag genre, which may be true for some of his sounds. But, I also believe him to be a bit of a "genre bouncer" as well. Xavier Valentine (Ʌ) reminds me of David Tibet with a flair for modern sounding "Dark-tronic Soundscapes" that unfold into a Gothic fairytale. Most Of Xavier's sounds are very moody, definitely dark and somewhat morose. Gothic Industrial may be a better way to describe his sound, but more "Club-Friendly" ..kind of (mostly melancholy though ..kind of), ..his music is all over the board (mostly always dark). On 'Patriot Hills' Ʌ cleans up his act, tightens his sound, and puts together one of the best Dark Electronic albums I've heard all year. If Ʌ gives us a full length album that would mirror/be this EP's companion, we would probably be listening to the best album of the year.

Get it. Stop punishing yourself (by ignoring it). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Standout Tracks: Sara's Opal Mill (ALL), Insults (ALL), Let Them Go (swoon♥♥--ALL), Wurlitzer (soo perfect--ALL)

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