Monday, March 5, 2012

REVIEW: Mike Wexler - Dispossession

7.75 out of 10

On Mike Wexler's Mexican Summer debut (his second release), 'Dispossession', the artist has no issues composing/displaying loose euphoric energy that can best be described as "laid back, somewhat dizzying & enchanting" cognition. Psych Rock is the short way of putting it, less rock though and more mellow. Loose really is the best keyword when describing this album. Like a finely aged scotch, 'Dispossession' is best poured over content and relaxing times. Sit back/relax, press play and let the music do the rest. (although I'm sure a glass of scotch (or whatever ale's ya;) would hurt either..)

Get possessed by 'Dispossession', it's as easy as pressing play. Much like some of his other contemporary counterparts; Black Mountain, Innaway, Alps, Bright Black Morning Light, etc. Mike's sounds is a reflection or homage to yesteryear's Psych Rock/Stoner Rock jams. I feel however, his music is a lot smoother (very loose too) and a little more sultry. Smokey-seductive vocals float on waves of colorful synth wash-outs, morose organ pulsations, slow paced drum sounds (sometimes and definitely not excluding bongos), Psych/Folk guitar chords, and an ambiance that seems to be (almost) exclusive to Mike's idiosyncrasy. Take all the slower parts of the bands I mentioned above, make it slightly more melancholy, add some sparse but amazing synths to the mix and there you have it. Everything a modern Psych/Folk musician is trying to do Mike has done on 'Dispossession' ..and it's only his second album.

A nice mellow Psych Rock/Folk album is indeed what you'll need for the upcoming cool Spring evenings while your sipping your favorite drink under a radiant sky. Start here and see where your evening takes you. Recommended.

Standout Tracks: Spectrum, Lens (the break down on this track is splendid), Glyph (when the piano comes in the mood becomes "dark romantic"), Liminal (could loop all day as far as i'm concerned)

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